Your first tracing is FREE! No purchase of cephalometric software needed- we trace them for you!

About Us


About Us

  • D.E.T. Inc, was founded in 2001 in Michigan, we saw the need for a company that specializes in digital cephalometric analyses and quality patient photo records.  We found that doctors could save time and actually make money by having their tracing outsourced.  With the patient paying for the records fee, it is both a time saver and revenue stream for our doctors. In 2009 we moved our practice to Austin, Texas and have been here ever since!
  • We are orthodontically trained in ceph analysis and ceph tracing.  We realize the need for records that are up to the standard of care dictated by the orthodontic profession and strive to meet and exceed those standards.
  • Through our commitment, experience, and expertise has established a business relationship with our doctors that will allow them to maximize their income and provide the highest level of technology to their patients.
  • We have also partnered with several dental labs to offer our ceph tracing services through them.  It is a great relationship that works for everyone.  If we can help you provide ceph analyses to your clients, let us know.

Let us trace your cephs for you.  The first tracing is free!

 Contact us at  or call at (248) 830-0209